Maria De Faria is a dancer and performer. She trained in several School of Contemporary Dance and Performing Arts in Brazil, in Buenos Aires and in Germany. She has been involved over the past four years researching the relatioship of art to performance, and in improvisation and mixed visual arts in dance. Since 2011 she has performed her own work - often in art galleries. She lives in Berlin.

pedda Borowski, painter, drawer, performer, since nine years living and working in berlin.

As a musician, Mr Bakker produces body memory melodies and disruptive rhythmical pulse with a rotating set up of effects based around his guitar. Texture and tone dependent on what he bikes across the city and dependent on the weather.

Sasha Pushkin – pianist, composer, improviser, singer, concept – creator. Sasha is known as an extremely flexible and open-minded musician. He has an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach that involves regular collaborations in the fields of modern dance, multi-media, art and literature. He is also active as a band leader and composer for films.