the peep box 

is as work-in-process concept by

peep is designed for six
sets performances 
at six months and the reason this process 
is not seeking an end
but making it an impulse for the next beginning.

The first process-piece was in 2014 performed
in one direction about sexuality
and theater masks .... so...

the dancer artist Maria De Faria and the painter
pedda Borowski are inside a small black box with
eye-sized peepholes that invite the audience to watch,
and just eight audiences at one time could see the performance.

She performs the dance and he illustrates the scene on the paper.
The themes are pieces of the dream from her daily reporting and
every performance is inspired by the text as well
the artists are wearing paper masks which has pieces of dreams.

The performance has been also collaborated by sound-designer
Dylan Bakker that has been making collages produced live music.

They were doing eleven performances in several art space.

Warmly thank you to KunstEtagenPankow,

The second part of the process-piece is being developed
in 2015 as well will be presented with new face and
the next step for the concept.

The piece is being inspired through the book Àgua Viva
by Clarice Lispector, the writing is situated
at the confluence of paradigms in a scene
of the Realism-Naturalism and Romanticism-Symbolism.
And also was built a new concept of scenario
in the context of the writer's words
for the next six months of performances.

So with the doors open and with book in hand
new collaborations will be part of this artwork
as pianist, composer, improviser, singer,
concept – creator Sasha Pushkin.